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My Sister the Chicken - JCG Cartoon Blog
I used to pick up my older sister at her work every Tuesday at 7 pm.
One day she saw my car as usual and hopped in.

But it wasn't my car.
She jumped into a strangers' car instead.

It completely freaked her out.

The next couple weeks were were just as funny.
She would always double-check it
was me.
When I pulled up 5 min later, she was still frazzled.
The next Tuesday, it was time for a trick. It was dark outside, so I put my hoodie up so she wouldn't be able to see it was me.
When she came outside, she wouldn't even approach the car. She just stood there, staring at me, not knowing what to do.
She recounted the horrible incident. I took quite a delight in her new found fear.
So we started playing
"who's in the car"
She tried different tactics, like walking in front of the car to get a better look.
She tried to see if she could recognize my license plate.
And in turn,
I had a few tactics of my own.

And flashing the lights was a good one too.

But she held firm.
She was going to win this battle of wills, so I finally relented.
She still had to confirm of course.

Can't be too careful.
Believe it or not, it took another 2 run-ins with my alter ego before my sister decided it was a good idea to learn my license plate.

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