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The True Cost of Oversleeping - JCG Cartoon Blog
My sister accidentally slept through her chiropractor appointment.
She woke up and realized it so she phoned them right away.

But once again she was sound asleep during her next appointment.

She was awoken by the ringing of the phone.

A few changed details about the timing
and it was
the perfect excuse.
she realized she
needed an extremely good excuse for her absense this time.
She had to think fast.
Unfortunately, our brother went to the same chiropractor and coincidentally had an appointment that same day.
   As it happened my other sister had been hit by a car
2 weeks prior while riding her bike. She was ok, but
had an ambulance ride and a quick trip to the hospital.
She asked him how my sister was doing after the bike accident that morning.
This excuse was accepted.

My sister was pleased, and no harm done.
My brother was shocked and of course extremely concerned.
He raced home to check on my sister, stopping along the way to buy her a
get well gift.
Of course my uninjured sister was oblivious to why she was being treated to such a nice gift.
And that's how my oversleeping sister got stuck with a DVD bill for 'Zombies Gone Wild'.

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