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I was late for work today. Even though I had a totally legit excuse, I had to tell my boss I had slept in.

First a little backstory...
I'm not a slave to makeup, but there is one thing I will NOT leave the house without and that is mascara.

As a pale white chick, my eyelashes appear almost non existent. My ego demands that I artificially darken them with mascara.

In my brain, just a few swipes of mascara make a dramatic difference...

Anyway, on this day I decided to use my Megalashasaurus Mascara. It makes lashes super duper long.

You have to first paint on a white primer coat, let it dry, then you cover with a thick black layer.
But it's a trap!

Once you start darkening your lashes you can NEVER go back.
I loved this new mascara. It worked great! As promised it was a "fulfillment of all my hopes and dreams".

People now use the "mascara-you" as the

The mascara version is what you now look like.

Let me illustrate...

I had painted on my white primer coat, but had totally forgotten about the black top coat. Not only were my lashes not luscious silky black, but instead were a thick chalky fluorescent white.

I had to make a snap decision. Stop off at the drug store and be late for work or deal with the inevitable public humiliation...
Until today.
I was driving
to work and
I looked in
the mirror.

I gasped in horror...
So that is why I was late for work.

(And now why I keep emergency mascara on hand at all times.)

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