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Potty Larceny - JCG Cartoon Blog
My boyfriend announced that the toilet seat was cracked.
I assumed he meant it had a ginormous crack in it or maybe it was even broken in half.
Not only was the toilet seat not broken in half, but I could see no evidence of any imperfection at all.

With a crazed look in his eyes he exclaimed he was going to replace it.

Of course I figured he would just forget all about it.
I had to get up reaaaally close before I could see a teensy, tiny, little crack.
The next week a friend of mine stopped over for a visit.
As she was leaving she stopped to use the bathroom.

I didn't think anything of it.
He was adament that this was completely unacceptable.

Especially if anyone came over.
She came out looking a bit awkward and perturbed.
I was so shocked that the teeny little crack was an issue, but mostly I was totally embarrassed.
Clearly the toilet seat would need to be replaced.

I made a mental note to apologize to my dumbass boyfriend.
After emerging from the bathroom she headed out. I apologized again for the toilet seat.

I was a bit surprised my friend was so sensitive about a barely visible crack. I decided to have another look.
No crack was visible.

Instead the entire seat portion was completely missing.
I marched up to the boyfriend for an explanation.

He actually thought he had done me a huge favour!
So not only did I force my friend to use a gaping toilet.

She must think going seatless is how I like it!

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