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A Tragic Tale of Tourettes - JCG Cartoon Blog
   ecently I pulled my
back out in a fancy new way.
Every time I twisted just a little, my muscles contracted so hard I sorta stopped breathing for a few seconds.
It really wasn't a big deal except every time it hit, I would involuntarily make a zombie-like goulish gurgle.
I couldn't escape this annoyance, so decided to go on with my day.

I told my sister to just ignore it.

I had an idea. I realized the best way to deal with this problem was to pretend I had Tourettes Syndrome by injecting some profanity every so often.
Unfortunately the other people around weren't quite so understanding.
It took a bit of practice but I think I was starting to get the
hang of it.

*My apologies to genuine Tourrettes
sufferers, I was in pain!
I was starting to feel very self conscious.
I worked on perfecting my fake Tourettes. It became normal to swear each time my back twinged. All was good.
After coffee, we were leaving, and my Tourettes was in full force. I was having a tough time reversing and checking behind me.
Then I saw someone I knew. It was Joey!

I should drive over and say hi!
Unfortunately... it wasn't Joey.

Double unfortunately, my back took that moment to really hit me, and some poor unsuspecting stranger was targeted and abruptly treated to a special greeting by a crazed person...

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